A fun, creative, tongue-twister story written for preschoolers

My 4 year old son and I sat down to brainstorm some more silly words (rhyming words or alliteration phrases or just plain silly sounds) and we (ok, mostly I) came up with this story. It’s fun to get him involved in the creative writing process so he can see how to get ideas flowing onto paper, then mash them all up and jumble them back together until they fall into place and you get a silly story. 🙂 That’s our official process at the moment. 

The Zoo Train Parade

Once upon a time,

on a cool, cloudy morning,

a little boy climbed up a hill to see what he could see.

From the tip-top of the little hill,

far off beyond the cliff,

he saw a tiny train track with a traveling parade.

On the train track came a tractor travelling on a flat-bed boxcar

and behind the click-clacking Train with Tractor came a horse.

When he looked a little closer he could see

the clipping-clopping horse – a Clydesdale –

was climbing up the hill.

Quickly clambering up the hillside came the Clydesdale alongside

clicking-clacking Train with Tractor that was pulling a whole zoo!

As the zoo came into view,

the little boy could see some chickens

who were clucking quietly

at the country they traversed through.

The clicking-clacking travelling Train with Tractor

pulled some quiet clucking chickens

and continued through the countryside

alongside a clip-clopping Clydesdale horse.

He noticed next a bouncing boxcar

full of clowns trying to climb up

on the top of clicking-clacking Train with Tractor

as it rode along the train tracks

through the countryside alongside clambering Clyesdale

with the quiet clucking chickens in its tow.

Then the clumsy clowns began to clap

as monkeys (Colombus) and gnats

startled sedated lions and some sleepy bears.

The bears and lions poked and pried

at bars that kept us safe with them behind,

then snuggled back to sleep,

without a peep,

soothed by the rumbling of the clicking-clacking Train.

Close behind the animals

parading through the countryside

came a cleaner-upper, singing, sweeping Clown.

As he swept, he kept the countryside

crystal clean and sparkling green

so no trace of animals parading on a train

would mar the scene.

Suddenly, the little boy started shivering as he noticed

big, fat raindrops falling down before his eyes.

Then the cool day got colder

and the clouds began to shudder,

sending water by the boatloads sailing from the stormy skies.

The climbing clowns all clambered

back into their boxcars (dry and warm)

and the quiet clucking chickens

clamored for some safety too.

The pitter-patter of the raindrops

soothed sedated, sleepy lions,

but the bears were more aware

of the wet and wild zoo

as it paraded on the Train with Tractor

clicking-clacking through the countryside

with animals now safe inside the boxcars.

Then Train with Tractor puffed its way up to the top

and stopped.

By now a group of passersby had joined the little boy

who had climbed the hill

and stumbled on this most peculiar sight.

The raindrops pitter-pattered

while the horse kept clipping-clopping

but the train stopped clicking-clacking,

though the chickens kept on clucking,

and the cleaner-upper clown quit cleaning;

then the passersby all clapped loud

for the soaking, entertaining, clicking-clacking Train with Tractor

while the climbing clowns were waving

to the little boy who came to see

the animal parade.


Copy of autumn art fair



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