story telling with preschoolers -- use of alliteration and rhymeBesides answering All the Questions, another fun activity we like to do on long car rides is make up silly stories. N and I got rolling (umm, no pun intended) on a pretty silly story the other day and he helped me recall it tonight so we could be authors and write our very own book.

I like to make up completely random, spur-of-the-moment stories for N, and he’s been jumping in more often to add “plotlines” to the stories as they grow. Most of the stories are much more about character voices than character development, but we had fun working on this particular one, and we decided it was one worth keeping around for a few days, at least.

Here’s the story, retold and embellished by N and myself. (Keep in mind that one of the authors is only 4 ;).)


Daddy: Wow! Did you just see that biker man?

 Kid: What biker man?

 Daddy: The biker with the bag of bread.

Mommy: He must have been a baker biker man!

Daddy: And his bag of bread was on his back.

Mommy: So he was a backpacker baker biker man!

Kid: Haha! That’s so silly!

Daddy: I heard him arguing with someone at the traffic light as we drove past.

Mommy: Oh no! That means he was a bickering backpacker baker biker man.

Kid: Hey! There he is again!

Daddy: He’s cycling really fast to that underground home over there!

Mommy: The bickering backpacker baker biker man is booking it to the bunker!

Kid: Oh no! He crashed into that parked car!

Daddy: It’s okay. He only hit the bumper. He’s back on the road again.

Mommy: The bickering backpacker baker biker man was booking it to the bunker when he bumped into a bumper!

Daddy: Oh, look! He’s delivering bread to the people in the bunker! He’s putting it in one of those buckets.

Mommy: Aha! The bickering backpacker baker biker man was booking it to the bunker when he bumped into the bumper but he made it to the bucket.

Kid: What’s he doing now?

Daddy: He’s throwing all his bread into the other buckets.

Mommy: What?! The bickering backpacker baker biker man shoots baskets into buckets?

Kid: Yup. The biker man strikes again!


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