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The tale of the biker man has evolved into a series of stories (The Biker Man Chronicles, perhaps?). We’ve been on a silly-story-telling spree lately, and I had fun working with these particular ones to make them into fun tongue-twister stories.

So here’s the prequel to the story of the Biker man from my last post. (Part 1 makes sense when you read part 2, so stick with the story till the end. 😉 ) I envision this being written out in a graphic novel style (is there such a thing for kids’ stories?) with part 1 and part 2 interspersed … so, use your imagination as you read it :).

Part 1

Kid: That man on his bike is wearing a helmet that’s not even buckled!

Mom: Oh no! We better tell him to buckle it so he stays safe!

Kid: Wow! He’s cycling backwards down the boat dock.

Mom: Uh-oh … <bump!> He hit a boat!

Kid: Where’s he going now?

Mom: He going to that store. It looks like he’s getting a fancy bottle of carbonated red juice to give the lady in the boat.

Kid: I guess he feels sorry for backing into her boat.

Mom: Do you think she will like it?

Kid: Hmmm … maybe …

Mom: Oh no! He tripped at the end of the pier just before he reached her!

Kid: Wait! Now she’s driving away!

Mom: And now he’s walking away …

Kid: And he’s throwing the bottle in the garbage.

Mom: He looks so sad.

Kid: What should we do?

Mom: Maybe we can share our snacks with him.

Kid: Well, he was a little bit picky but I think we made him happy.

Part 2

The buckled-helmet biker man

said “bugger!” when he backed into the boater,

then he bought her a bedazzled beet juice bottle

from the beach store …

but he bumbled and he stumbled at the bottom of the boardwalk,

so she brushed him off and left him there bemoaning the betrayal.

The biker man stood up

and shook the sand off of his hands.

Then he shifted the bedazzled beach-store bubbly beet juice bottle

to his other hand

and bashed it like a ball into the trash basket beside the beach.

(And now a sign stands posted on the street that says:

Beware the bitter biker man!)

“Excuse me, bitter biker man,

Would you like a bit of bread and butter and some Brita water?”

“If you brought a buttered burger with a bigger Brita bottle,

it would better soothe my sorrows,

but your thoughtfulness is sweet, too.

Thank you.”

So, in the end, the buttered bread and Brita water brightened up the bitter biker’s day.




For anyone who didn’t click on the link to the original post ;), here’s the copy of the follow-up story (but this is the one we wrote first). The title (as decided by my 4 year old) is The Biker Man Strikes Again.


Daddy: Wow! Did you just see that biker man?

 Kid: What biker man?

 Daddy: The biker with the bag of bread.

Mommy: He must have been a baker biker man!

Daddy: And his bag of bread was on his back.

Mommy: So he was a backpacker baker biker man!

Kid: Haha! That’s so silly!

Daddy: I heard him arguing with someone at the traffic light as we drove past.

Mommy: Oh no! That means he was a bickering backpacker baker biker man.

Kid: Hey! There he is again!

Daddy: He’s cycling really fast to that underground home over there!

Mommy: The bickering backpacker baker biker man is booking it to the bunker!

Kid: Oh no! He crashed into that parked car!

Daddy: It’s okay. He only hit the bumper. He’s back on the road again.

Mommy: The bickering backpacker baker biker man was booking it to the bunker when he bumped into a bumper!

Daddy: Oh, look! He’s delivering bread to the people in the bunker! He’s putting it in one of those buckets.

Mommy: Aha! The bickering backpacker baker biker man was booking it to the bunker when he bumped into the bumper but he made it to the bucket.

Kid: What’s he doing now?

Daddy: He’s throwing all his bread into the other buckets.

Mommy: What?! The bickering backpacker baker biker man shoots baskets into buckets?

Kid: Yup. The biker man strikes again!


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