Beginning our Preschool Interactive Math Journals

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I started a simple interactive math notebook with N this week as a way to gather and document some of our learning moments — mostly for fun and something to look back on later, since he’s still only 4 and I want to establish a pattern of happy encounters with math :).

I was watching him cut something out with scissors and realized he’s probably ready to try practicing cutting things on actual lines, so I drew some basic shapes on different colors of construction paper and asked him if he could cut them out. It was definitely good practice, although a bit of a stretch to follow ALL the lines ;).

I pulled out some of our new composition notebooks we had picked up at Walmart (I CANNOT pass by a pile of cute composition notebooks during back to school sales without picking out more for our collection! So now I’m tasking myself with creating tons of interactive journals :).)

Our sample of cute composition notebooks to use for homeschooling interactive journals.
I want to write in all of them!!

Shapes Practice Journal Pages

We started one with a simple page that consisted of gluing down the shapes he had cut out, then tracing over the names of the shapes. I made up a bit more elaborate version and am attaching it at the end here to share with anyone who would like it.

Sample pages of our cut and paste shapes activity. See post for free printable version to use in your own math journals for Pre-K, K, or 1st grade.
DIY version 🙂

Even though it’s simple, this activity provides opportunity to practice some good fine motor skills while learning math: cutting along lines, coloring (in lines, if they want 😉 ), gluing (definitely a skill in itself!), tracing letters, and the big one: learning 8 basic geometric shapes! (And the really big skill: following directions!!)

tracing letters and cutting out basic geometry shapes for a math journal page
Working on the journal page I made after our initial DIY activity.

You could print these shapes practice pages and use them as they are, or include them in your own math journals. I plan to continue sharing free pdf versions of some of our little activities as we continue our learning journey. Follow my blog if you’d like to to see more of these!

free printable shapes practice journal page for preschoolers to practice cutting out and learning about shapesfree printable math journal page for preschoolers to practice cutting out and learning about shapesfree printable math journal page for preschoolers to practice cutting out and learning about shapes

The cutting skills are still a work-in-progress :). Here’s a picture of the completed journal pages. This was a simple, quick activity that helped him practice coloring, cutting, tracing letters, and identifying 8 basic geometric shapes.

completed geometry shapes interactive journal pages
The completed pages (displaying true-to-life cutting skills 😉 )

We’re creating an interactive math journal as we go. Here’s a picture of the completed shapes practice pages glued into the journal.

Shapes practice pages glued into the interactive math journal
Pages glued into his interactive math journal.

Free Printable pdf Version:

You can download this free activity here — shapes templates.

Geometry Shapes Practice | Interactive Notebook Pages for Pre-K - Kindergarten

I hope this helps you and your little ones spend a few happy minutes doing math together! 🙂

If there’s ever any resources you’d like to see here, let me know and I’d be happy to see if I can make something to help you!

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